Exercises for The Prince

These exercises reference Machiavelli’s “The Prince”. Only the specified chapters are required but you may also find the the introduction and appendices interesting.

Unless otherwise specified, please write 200 words for each exercise on the city you reside in. You may perform each exercise at your own pace.

1. Read Chapters 1 to 3

Write 100 words on how these chapters relate to Kindred society.

2. Read Chapters 4 and 5

Discuss any parallels (or lack thereof) with the current Prince’s rise to Prince-hood.

3. Read Chapters 6 to 8

Discuss which method the Prince used to become prince and state why the other methods were inappropriate.

4. Read Chapters 9 to 11

What kind of principality would Machiavelli call your city and how powerful would he measure it?

5. Read Chapters 12 to 14

While the Prince may not have a military force, he has access to physically strong kindred. How does the author say such a force should be directed?

6. Read Chapters 15 to 21

Discuss how the Prince conducts himself. Is he liberal? Cruel? Loved or feared? What is his reputation?

7. Read Chapters 22 and 23

Comment on the Prince’s choice of Primogen (maximum 100 words)

8. Read Chapters 24 to 26

What should the Prince do to make sure he retains control of the city?